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I am so thrilled to be able to share some photos of my newly remodeled photography studio. My studio is in my home. I had a 519 sq ft “bonus” room upstairs that was my studio space for about 3 years. It worked great but I was feeling quite cramped and wanted some room to breath. It just so happened that on the other side of one of my studio walls, was a huge open attic space with nothing but rafters and insulation. Why the original home builders didn’t finish it off for usable space, we may never know. But I pinched pennies for 3 years to save up to turn that space in to an amazing addition to my studio. Below is the before and after photos of the extra space. We added just under 300 sq ft of space and with that space I got a 14×14 room for my hair and makeup station and two shooting sets, a small bathroom, and a huge walk in closet/dressing room to store my studio wardrobe. All of that (minus the bathroom) was crammed in to the original space which now holds two shooting sets (including a queen size bed and my poly-board backdrops and reflectors), a computer station for clients to view their photos and place their orders, a props closet, and room to breath! 2015-03-04_0028


Here is what the new space looked like to start with. The man pictured below is our contractor, Brent Wright with Wright Home Builders. He did a great job and he’s an awesome guy that we trusted and felt really comfortable with, which is important when you are shelling out all kinds of cash to someone so they can do a job you know nothing about.

photography studio portland oregon


Here is the view from my old space, looking at the hole punched in the wall to create the door between the old space and the new space.



Here are just some progress shots along the way. My dog was inspecting everything and making sure they were doing a good job. 😉



They added a 5×5 window in the side of the house. I requested a window that was high up from the floor, with a wide window sill so I could have clients sit in the window or lean up against it.


I picked out some laminate flooring from Lumber Liquidators and then hired a couple of nice guys to install it for us.


Here is my amazing hubby, tediously painting stripes on the walls by my request. The stripes looks SO GOOD! But they were not easy to do, that’s for sure. We decided to do the painting ourselves to save some money. Boy was it a lot of work.



And finally….. drum roll please…….. The new space!!!!

Along the pink striped wall is my hair and makeup station. I have a salon chair which is adjustable height (so nice for the makeup artist). And I have a directors chair as a back up. I use that when I have more than one client getting hair and makeup done at the same time, such as for a mother-daughter shoot, or two friends having boudoir photos done on the same day. The door to the right leads to the new bathroom/dressing room/closet area.



The blue couch area is a set used for photography. But it’s also nice to have extra seating for me and for friends/family who are there while the client is getting her hair and makeup done.



More views of the hair and makeup station. I’m thinking of getting a new rug. I think I need something lighter colored. This old rug doesn’t seem to match my new space very well.


This corner with the chaise is also a set used for photography. This happens to be my dog’s favorite spot to sleep while my client is in hair and makeup. Haha! I LOVE the vaulted ceiling on this side of the room.


Now, going through the door that is to the right of the chaise, you’ll find my studio wardrobe closet, which is also a dressing room, and the half bathroom.   My clients used to have to go downstairs in to the main part of my house to use the bathroom so it’s really nice to have a dedicated bathroom in the studio. The tray of supplies seen below is sort of like an emergency supply for my clients to use. I have nail polish remover, mouth wash, lotion, makeup remover (for those who are surprising their husbands with a boudoir shoot and can’t come home looked all glammed up), wrinkle remover (for clothing, not for faces, haha), and scissors. I also have some granola bars for if they get hungry.



This is the view from the “old” space, looking in to the new space through the gorgeous french doors (which I do plan to use for photos, yay!) Next is the view of the older space where you can see the queen bed and the computer station. In the far corner is a props closet.


beauty photography portland oregon

Next to the window is where I store and use my poly-board backdrops and reflectors. That table along the wall is there as a leftover from my Grand Reopening. But I couldn’t move it because I’m using it to hide all the paint supplies which we can’t put away until we finish our paint touch ups. Haha!


This is where I store all my props. I also have a mini fridge full of drinks that I can offer my clients when they come for their shoots.



And that’s all, folks!   But I just thought I’d end by showing some photos of my old space when I had everything crammed in to the one room.   Back then, I spent more time moving furniture around between shots than I did taking photos during the shoots!   Not shown here is my old “viewing and ordering room” which was in a bedroom downstairs. Since I now have room to move all that up to the studio, I get to use that bedroom as a crafting room. Bonus!!!

boudoir photography portland oregon

I just held a super fun Grand Reopening party to celebrate the new space. You can check out photos from that here.

Thanks for taking my studio tour! I hope you like my new space. If you’d like to come check it out and do a portrait shoot of your own, just contact me and I’d love to go over details with you!


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